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Terms and Conditions

Quality, Standards and Conditions of Use


Systempak containers are designed and intended for the foods industry and are, as such, approved accordingly. However, these containers are used by customers for a multitude of products ranging from engineering components to pharmaceuticals to the soap industry.

Our containers are trialled and tested by us and our partners as empty containers. The containers will behave differently dependant on their filling, filling method and storage. Due to the vast number of potential variables, Systempak is unable to categorically state how a container will behave for a specific product in a given condition. Customers should always trial and test before the main production.


The onus lies with the client to check every consignment on receipt of delivery. Systempak will accept no claims for shortages etc beyond a 5 day period from the date of receipt. Owing to prevailing conditions brought on by the Covid-19 situation, we can no longer guarantee next day delivery for the foreseeable future.


Please be advised due to prevailing logistics we are unable to accept any claims which exceed three months from the date of delivery.

Hot Filling

Containers are suitable for contact with hot filling (85 -95oC) and short-term use within a microwave. Packaging must be tested by the customer with the actual product before approval for use at hot temperatures. It is suggested that when hot filling support is used under the skirt when lidding.

Hot Temperatures

The material, when subject to hot filling temperatures, will become flexible and its ability to stack will be impeded until ambient temperature is reached.

Cold Temperatures

Freezing conditions require special resins which are available on request, enabling -32oC. Standard empty containers are tested to -18oC. Customers should internally test their own produce/fill.

In Use Stacking

Customers should conduct internal trials to determine the viability of stacking as each customer has different fill products/produce and procedures.


This product complies with the European Union Commission Regulation No 10/2011/EC with amendments, relating to materials and articles intended to come into contact with food unless otherwise stated. By following EU legislation, it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the supplied product is suitable for the intended use.

Shelf Life

The compliance of the product to the technical specifications in the data-sheet is guaranteed for 12 months after the date of the delivery subject to suitable storage.

Suitable storage includes protecting the product from direct sunlight, rain, ingress of moisture, very low temperatures and very high temperatures


Deviations in the product specification from the datasheet of 0.025% or less are considered acceptable in the industry and cannot be construed as a defect.


Please note you will not necessarily receive an equal amount of containers and lids when purchasing in bulk formation, this is largely due to the standard carton size used.

'Unwanted Goods'

The Consumer Contracts Act 2015 makes provision for the fact that the purchaser of on line goods has not had the chance to sample the goods in advance of purchase. The following does not apply if a customer received a sample product from Systempak in advance of their purchase:

  • Customers have 14 days to advise us of their intention to return in writing (to [email protected]), from the date the goods are received. 
  • The goods must be received at our warehouse within 14 days of notifying us in writing of the intent to return. Returns to: Systempak Ltd, c/o Floryn, Vector Point, Mid Kent Business Park, Sortmill Road, Snodland, ME65UA
  • To be eligible for a refund, items must be unused and in the same condition, they were received. 
  • Goods must be in the original undamaged packaging.
  • Part boxes will not be accepted; full box quantities must be returned.
  • The customer is responsible for any costs incurred in returning the goods to the warehouse.
  • Providing the goods are returned fully and correctly a refund against the initial purchase (goods + basic shipping to you + vat) will be made via the original payment method within 14 days.
  • Damaged ‘unwanted’ returns will be subject to a pro-rata refund against both goods and shipping. 

In the unlikely event that a previously requested sample was obtained from Systempak and used as the basis for an order which is subsequently declared as unwanted, then provided:

  • Intent to return is given in writing within 5 days of purchase and
  • The goods are received back at Systempak Ltd, c/o Floryn, Vector Point, Mid Kent Business Park, Sortmill Road, Snodland, ME65UA within 4 days of the written intent and
  • The goods are unused, complete, fully packaged, unopened and undamaged,

then a ‘credit note’ will be provided against the original price of the goods purchased. This will not include any shipping costs.

Damaged or Faulty Goods

The Consumer Rights Act of 2015 directs that customers have the right to expect non-faulty or damaged goods. Whilst we endeavour to supply damage-free goods, regrettably, damage may occur at some point before our goods are received by the customer. Customers are fully protected by the relevant legislation, but we do ask customers to work with us in improving our service. In the event of damage do not return goods directly, Systempak will arrange collection.

Reporting Damaged or Faulty Goods

We ask that customers notify us as soon as is practical via [email protected]. Unless irrefutable proof exists, it is difficult for Systempak to claim against either the courier or factory responsible:

  • If a packing carton appears damaged upon receipt, we ask that the damage is photographed before opening including the factory labels
  • If goods are damaged upon opening the carton, photograph the goods before removing them
  • Set aside all the damaged items and photograph them
  • If goods appear faulty when used please photograph or video them
  • In your email to us, clearly state how many containers and how many lids are damaged or faulty.

The Options

On receipt of your email with details and photographs, we will assess the situation and contact you. Our offer to you, based on the extent of the damage and/or inconvenience, may include, but not be limited to:

  • Replacement goods at no additional customer cost - where excessive damage is present or
  • Partial replacement of affected goods at no additional customer cost – where the customer chooses to retain some of the goods or
  • A collection of goods and a full refund as requested by the customer or
  • A pro-rata refund – where the customer wishes to retain some of the goods or
  • A credit note or discount voucher where the majority of the goods are used or in use subject to the customer’s consent

Reported damage constituting less than 2.5% of the items received (e.g. 6 from a consignment of 250) is deemed to be within the satisfactory quality tolerance and a refund would not normally be considered.

The Law

Regardless of our good intent above, the law states:

Customers have 30 days to reject their consignment as damaged goods for a full refund if that’s what they chose to do. Contact us via [email protected] and Systempak will arrange collection.

When goods have been receipted more than 30 days, but less than 6 months, customers have the right to declare the goods as faulty. A full description of how the product has been stored, used and a detailed description of the fault is required to initiate the investigation. Please email this information to [email protected]. Refunds will be made if it is determined that a fault in the product, not attributed to its handling and usage contrary to its design was present at the time of purchase.

When goods have been receipted more than 6 months then the customer must prove the fault was present at the time of purchase

Pricing Policy

We aim to hold our prices constant despite fluctuating exchange rates, changes in raw material prices, the price of fuel or situations not forseen that cause an impact on the prices e.g. Covid . Large changes in these factors may result in some prices increasing, without warning, although the reverse is also true and we have been able to reduce prices when the £sterling has rallied against other currencies. Our standard policy is to maintain prices for 3 months at a time, although unprecedented market changes would force earlier reviews.

Containers and Lids (Goods) are priced with the following options:

1. A single carton rate.

2. A four carton rate.

3. An 8 or 10 carton rate depending on the item quantity per pallet

4. A pallet rate

5. A 3 pallet rate

6. Bulk Stock quotes - tailored for larger orders. The time limitation for acceptance and purchase order of Bulk Stock is printed on the quote. The exchange rate used for the quote is also incorporated and Systempak reserve the right to change the £sterling cost of a quote based on sudden market variations. Prices in € on a quote represent a fixed price per 1000 items.

Delivery prices are not shown until checkout and various prices are applied depending on the customer location and the number of goods purchased. In many instances, a charge for delivery does not apply. For full information on delivery timelines and prices click here

Pricing information for printing services should be discussed with the sales office

Further information can be viewed here on our Privacy Policy page.

Privacy Policy

SystemPak fully complies with the Data Protection Act and as such does not record, store, pass on or sell to 3rd parties any financial information acquired from transactions carried out on its website.

SystemPak does record and store personal details of customers about their name, addresses, phone numbers and previous orders. None of this information is passed to 3rd parties accept from those contracted by Systempak required to fulfil a customer order e.g. couriers and hauliers.