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IML (In Mould Labelling)

In-mould labelling is an increasingly popular method of decorating injection moulded consumer containers.  IML provides greater decorating options than other methods. Multi-colour screen printed and offset lithography printed graphics are used to produce products with higher quality graphics than available with other decorating methods. Most applications in this area use second surface graphics.

The decoration is printed on the back side of a clear substrate, typically polycarbonate or acrylic.125mm to 0.375mm thick. The injection plastic is on the ink side of the film. This encapsulates the decoration between the film layer and the injected plastic resulting in a quality decoration that can't be abraded during use.

Up to eight colour print can be employed to provide a superb photographic finish

Ideal for situations where high quality graphics can be combined with medium size runs –typically 25,000 units

Lead times are typically six to eight weeks from receipt of Artwork to delivery – often much quicker

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