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  • 750cc Rectangular Hinged Salad Containers Thumbnail 750cc Rectangular Hinged Salad Containers Source
  • 750cc Rectangular Hinged Salad Containers Thumbnail 750cc Rectangular Hinged Salad Containers Source

750cc Rectangular Hinged Salad Containers

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Product Ref #705
Brand Systempak
Shape Rectangular
Capacity 750 ml
Quantity 400 Hinged Containers
Price Per Unit £0.064

Availability: In stock


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750cc Rectangular Hinged Salad Containers 

The 750cc Rectangular Hinged Salad Containers are widely used and cost-effective means of packaging.

The product offers a ‘portion control’ capability by virtue of the embossed ‘capacity’ on the base. It has a tight-fitting secure snap-on lid – making it ideal for Retail purposes.

The product is thin-walled in construction and therefore not suitable for either the Microwave or Freezer use.

 Ideal for a wide variety of foods such as salads, micro herbs, and deli products They can also be used for non-food items such as fishing baits.

Our products are certified by the ISO and the BRC industry-standard recognised food institutions.

The product can be decorated by using self-adhesive labels in small quantities or cardboard sleeves. You can find out more about our printing options here.

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The 750cc Rectangular Hinged Salad Containers are perfect for businesses such as takeaways, confectioners, supermarkets to name a few.

  • A standard stock item.
  • Capacity is 750cc.
  • Size is 126mm x 192mm x 49mm (open)
  • Clear in colour.
  • Thermoformed - made from Clear Polypropylene Plastic (PP).
  • Recyclable PET
  • Usage Temperature -18 to 70c
  • Thin wall – not recommended for Microwave or Freezer
  • Available in either Combi Packs (smaller equal quantities of containers & lids in the same carton) 

Print Options

There are two options available if you require the container to display an image, design or label of your choosing, these are:

  • Self Adhesive – This is where a label is manually attached to the product, ideal for items such as salad trays.

Minimum Order Quantity = 1,000 units. The print order can include a full-colour photo within the design.


  • Printed Cardboard Sleeves – Please speak to the Sales Office for further details

PLEASE NOTE:- IML – Is not available on this product

If you require more information about the SystemPAK print options, please refer to the print section for details.


Combi Packs

Combi Packs have the same number of containers and lids in a carton.

  • 1 Box = 400 Containers and Lids
  • 4 Boxes = 1,600 Containers and Lids

Delivery: Next day if ordered before midday. Some regions may differ (see shipping time table )  Shipping is inclusive except for certain regions where a small surcharge may apply.

 Part pallets will also incur a small charge.

  • 1/2 Pallet = 8 Boxes x 400 = 3,200 Containers and Lids
  • 1 Pallet  = 16 Boxes x 400 = 6,400 Containers and Lids

Delivery: Please allow 7 to 10 working days.